Sunday, February 05, 2012

My biggest wish

"Eu quero mesmo é alguém que me faça mudar completamente de opinião. Que faça meu corpo querer companhia nos momentos em que minha mente insiste pela solidão."
Caio Fernando Abreu.

Because I need a hug
I just wish someone to grab my hand and tell me "come with me, trust me, everything is gonna be alright."
I just wish someone whom whispers in my ears that even if the world is so complicated, there will always be a place for me to lay down when I get to see her.
I just wish someone who knows me so well that when I send her any message, she will always answer "where do I meet you?"
Where do I meet you?...
Or how can I open up your eyes?...

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Angela said...

Esse trecho do Caio Fernando é DEMAIS!